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Internet Researching Tips

  1. Remember to be cautious of the information you find on the Internet. It is easy to post information to the Web. If you are using web based information for academic reasons, such as in your papers, either ensure the information is from a credible source, or back up the information from a reputable source.
  2. Learning how to use a search engine well can dramatically assist you in receiving the information you are looking for. Most search engines have pages that will help you get the most our of searching on their site. Find a search engine that you like, then learn to use it well.
  3. Use a sufficient number of terms in your search. Too little, and you will be inundated with irrelevant pages. Too many, and you may be eliminating valid pages.
  4. Place the most important terms at the start of the search.
  5. To quickly narrow a search, you can usually just add more terms to the end of your query.
  6. Use quotation marks to keep words together, such as “University of Northern British Columbia” If you avoid the quotation marks, most search engines will search for pages that include all of the words, regardless of if the words are used in a phrase.

UNBC Academic Success Centre

Need help with your studies? Preparing for exams? Having trouble with an assignment? Where can you go for help? The Academic Success Centre at UNBC has a number of invaluable services available to assist students with their course work including study assistance, tutorial services, and course resources such as handouts on referencing, writing, and study skills. The Centre is a valuable resource for students to help them succeed in their studies.