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Stephen Azak

Secretary Treasurer

Stephen Azak was appointed to the Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a Institute Board of Directors in 2009.

Mr. Azak is a hereditary chief in the Gisk’aast (Killer Whale Tribe) of the Nisga’a Nation in the House of Niisyuus. He is a fluent speaker of the Nisga’a language and knowledgeable of Nisga’a culture and traditions.

Mr. Azak spent his early career in the steel industry. He worked as a manager and steel fabricator on Vancouver Island and in the Vancouver lower mainland. When he returned to the north, Mr. Azak worked for BC Packers on a Packer boat during the fishing season and in the off season in the Boat Shop as a welder and boat repairman.

Returning to the Nass Valley, Mr. Azak joined the logging industry and served on the Canyon City Band Council, two years as Chief Councillor and eight years as Councillor. During his term, Mr. Azak served on the Nisga’a Tribal Council treaty negotiating team as Chair, Forest, Lands and Environment Committee, and became a founding member and Director of Tribal Resources Investment Corporation. He also travelled to Brazil and Japan on behalf of Nisga’a Tribal Council to speak about the treaty negotiating process and the potential for economic development, post treaty.

Since his retirement, Mr.Azak has served on Nisga’a Lisims Government Council of Elders and is currently an Elder Advisor to Gitwinksihlkw Village Government.